What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]

Sleep is essential, but one thing that is not widely known about rest is that light can significantly affect it. The light color can help you determine if you should be sleeping or staying awake. So, what is the best color light for sleeping?

The Sleep Foundation recommends lower-temperature lights in the evening to help ease you into sleep. Lower temperature lights are red-toned and not as bright as blue-toned white lights. If you want to install LED lights in your bedroom, make sure that they are lower-temperature white lights or warm white lights.

You should also make sure that they are dimmable to be turned down at night or when you need to sleep.

What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep?

Red light is the best colored led light to help you fall asleep faster. As a result, the color temperature of red light is lower than that of sunshine; it is ideal for sleeping. When exposed to red light at night, your body does not experience the jolt and internal clock disruption that blue light does.

If you’re having difficulties sleeping and are constantly surrounded by artificial blue light, that’s probably a significant contributor. In the evenings, switching to a red-hued light source can aid your body’s natural transition into sleep.

Blue light is one of the most harmful frequencies of light studied, and it suppresses our natural melatonin production, a hormone that helps us fall asleep and wake up feeling rested. Some studies link blue light to eye damage.

Blue light has its place; it increases alertness, boosts memory and cognitive function, and elevates mood. These qualities make it an excellent choice for daytime use. However, if you want to maximize your sleep quality, you should avoid blue light exposure within a few hours before bedtime.


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Best Red Light On Amazon For Good Sleep

Red Light Therapy (RLT) can improve your sleep quality by increasing the amount of deep sleep you receive each night. Deep sleep is the most vital part of our sleep cycle; it’s when our body repairs itself and restores energy, so we feel refreshed in the morning.

Below are some of the best red-light bulbs for sleep; some of them are available on Amazon, so please do well to check them out and purchase one for your room:

1. AmazonBasics 60 Watt Equivalent Red

What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]

The 60-watt equivalent red led light from amazon is one of the best red led lights that will help you maintain your sleep pattern and help you sleep faster at night.

If you expect to use this bulb for roughly three hours a day, it will last more than nine years. One of these is a good option for those who prefer to read or work late into the night without disrupting their sleep patterns.

2. Sleep Aid Red LED Night Light Plugin

What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]

Sleep Aid Red LED Night Light Plugin contains four bright red LEDs. It does not emit any harsh light, but just enough to illuminate a small area for safety reasons. The light is pleasant and soothing, making it perfect for use in children’s rooms and bedrooms.

Compact and stylish, this plug-in nightlight is specially designed by doctors focusing on ergonomics, making it ideal for use in children’s rooms or as a nightlight around the house!

Red light with a long wavelength led source that promotes sleep and does not interfere with the generation of melatonin’s sleep hormone is used in this product.

This LED night light has seven built-in LEDs that are significantly brighter than a standard red LED night light, allowing for sufficient sight while comfortable in the bedroom.

When the surrounding environment is illuminated, the daylight sensor turns the night light off. It’s also nice that the light doesn’t interfere with using the second plug on the wall outlet, which I find convenient.

3. JandCase C7 Red LED Bulb

What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]

Miniature size and a trendy red color make this red plastic C7 bulb a top seller. The E12 base allows you to use it with lighting. Make your family or friends laugh and smile by using it for celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or other religious or cultural observances. It has a 300-hour lifespan.

4. Kasa Smart Light Bulb, LED Multicolor

What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]

Red is a popular choice for this smart bulb, and there are many different shades of red to pick from. If you don’t like how bright it is, you can adjust the brightness with the knob on the side.

To prevent hazardous blue light later in the day, you can utilize the app and change the Kelvin range to 2700-3500, which means there is no blue light. If you avoid blue light exposure in the evening, you’ll be considerably more tired when you go to bed.

As a bonus feature, I also enjoy that the bulb can be set to circadian mode, which means that it will begin to filter out blue light as the day progresses.

5. Wiyifada LED A19 Red Light Bulb

What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]What Color Led Light Helps You Sleep [Best Led Color For Sleep]

The best red light bulb for sleep is the Wiyifada LED A19 Red Light Bulb. This E26 based red light bulb outputs 1000 lumens of brightness to provide ambient lighting in your bedroom or living room and is engineered to give off a soothing wavelength that doesn’t disrupt sleep.

The Wiyifada LED A19 Red Light Bulb is the best red light bulb we’ve found for use at night as it doesn’t emit blue wavelengths, which are known to suppress melatonin production, meaning you can read in bed or do things around the house without disrupting your sleep cycle.

What color of light promotes the best sleep for babies and children?

Red light is ideal for sleeping. It is the most conducive to a good night’s sleep and it has the least capacity to shift our circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin. Green and white light are not as effective for sleep, but they’re better than blue light. Blue light is the most disruptive in terms of stimulating the brain and suppressing melatonin secretion.

Why You Should Invest In Red Lights?

Red lights are more effective than green, blue, or white lights since they do not suppress the activity of the pineal gland that releases melatonin. White light is bright enough to completely suppress melatonin production. Red LED lights on the other hand, though they can still be visible, will not cause suppression of melatonin production.

There are many benefits to using red lights when trying to get a good night’s sleep. They’re great for getting rid of eye strain, they can help you fall asleep, and some of them are built to minimize disruption from blue light keeping you awake.

Color matters. Different colors play a role in the production, release, and production of hormones in the body. It is best to choose a color that promotes relaxation over excitement to get a good night’s sleep. Hence, we have been able to identify red color as the perfect color led light to help you sleep at night.

Not only that, but we have also covered other factors that you can take cognizance of to ensure you have a peaceful night’s rest, as well as some of the red led lights bulbs recommended for you on Amazon.com.

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