How Do People In Wheelchair Have Sex?

One of the most common questions asked by abled people when they are around wheelchair users is “do people in wheelchairs have sex “.

If you just Googled this query, you should know that it’s not a very intelligent question. The question shouldn’t be can wheelchair users have sex; it should be “how do disabled people have sex.”

People in wheelchairs can have sex and some even identify as LGBTQI too. Sex and disability are not mutually exclusive.

You should know that like most people, wheelchair users also crave and love sex. Like normal human beings, disabled people also go on dates and have sex almost regularly.

They have the urges, desires, tingling sensation, and a massive orgasm to prove it. Disabled people have urges, cravings, and fantasies that they want to fulfill.

The only downside of having sex with a disabled person is that certain disabilities or injuries can impact sexual function, lead to loss of sensation, poor erection, or difficulty controlling the muscles.

If you are dating someone that relies on a wheelchair for mobility and is ready to get things more intimate, you must be patient, if you truly want to enjoy your sex life.

Having sex with someone in a wheelchair requires a little creativity, planning, and moral support, but you’ll get there.

Penetrative sex is not the only way to have sex with a disabled person. There are so many ways to make a disabled person cum without penetration. It’s all about teamwork and support.

If penetration isn’t possible because of his condition, you can try oral sex, mutual masturbation, hand jobs, fingering, and even get support from sex toys.

Besides, wheelchair users are pretty good with their hands.

Are Disabled People Sexy?

Sexual preference and sexy is a very personal thing. Some people are attracted to the opposite sex, some are attracted to both sexes, while others are strictly attracted to the opposite sex.

Another common misconception about wheelchair users is the belief that they are not sexy. I’ve seen a handful of wheelchair users that are smoking hot and damn sexy.

The definition of sexy has nothing to do with insane catwalks or being the supermodels we saw in magazines; sexy is a word that describes what/who you are sexually attracted to.

If you think wheelchair users are not sexy because of the chair, I hate to say it your right.

But if you can open your eyes to look past the chair, I bet you’d see the person you pictured to spend the rest of your life with.

What people think is not attractive is what another person desire. There are a lot of sexy people out there who are either disabled or rely on a wheelchair for mobility.

Attraction is all about the connection between people; how and why these people are attracted to each other is unique.

Do wheelchair users prefer to have sex with other wheelchair users over abled people?

Well, it depends. The connection between the two is a matter of preference, chemistry, sensation, or whatever you’d call it.

Some disabled people that depend on wheelchairs for mobility are sexually attracted to people that love and understand them whether that person is in a wheelchair or not.

We feel more comfortable being in a relationship and having sex with someone that understands us for who we are. I don’t think disabled people prefer to date or have intercourse strictly with disabled people.

You should also know that there are millions of able-bodied people in the USA that have partners in a wheelchair. Both sides have come out to say that they are completely satisfied with the quality of their sex life.

Disabled people are not destined, ordained, or bound to have sex or with other wheelchair users or disabled people.

The belief that disabled people should only date or have sex with other people with a similar disability is a fallacy. Most wheelchair users would rather have sexual intercourse with someone that wants them – not their disability.

Can paraplegics have sex?

Yes, paraplegics can have sex, but since they are partially paralyzed, it can be difficult for the couple to satisfy each other.

A paraplegic is a person with partial or complete paralysis of the legs and lower body. This condition is caused by a force impact on the backbone.

With paraplegia, everywhere above the torso is active, with some organs below the torso like bladder, stomach, and privates sometimes remain active.

If the sexual organs are still active, sex and orgasm with a paraplegic are possible.

Best Sex Positions For Disabled People

Positions and positioning aids can make intercourse with a disabled person a bit more pleasant than you’d expect. If can have sex with five disabled people and find out they all have different needs and sensation spots.

But these three sex positions have proven repeatedly to give both the disabled person and his partner an enjoyable experience. These are the best positions for having sex with a wheelchair user.

1. Doggy style

Doggy style is not for abled-bodied people; wheelchair users and other disabled people enjoy giving and receiving the D from their partner using this stance.

This sex position is perfect if the male partner is a wheelchair user and the other partner isn’t disabled. It’s also ideal for people with hip pain or just comfortable having sex on chairs.

If you are a guy in a wheelchair, it doesn’t require much effort. It is the perfect position for sex for disabled people and everyone that enjoys making love to someone in a wheelchair.

Just a couple of firm thrusts and you’ll be good to go. Since the receiver will be more active than you on the chair.

It’s even better if you’re a lady, you can simply say on the bed and moan like crazy. You can modify the doggy style to suit you, even if you are disabled.

You just have to be very creative. Making love to someone in a wheelchair is pretty straightforward from there.

If you don’t want to do it in bed, you can show your partner how sexy he/she looks in a wheelchair and turn the chair into an adapted sex chair.

2. Oral Sex

Another fantastic sex idea for disabled people and wheelchair users is oral sex. It requires no effort or special position. Oral sex can be adapted to suit both the disabled and abled partner.

Since oral sex requires one partner seated or laying down, it is by far one of the best sexual positions for wheelchair users and other disabled individuals. Besides, the wheelchair is the best spot for oral sex.

It is comfortable for you and provides easy access for your partner. If you guys are in a hurry, you can easily perform a quickie on the chair. This position is the perfect way to make love to a wheelchair-bound man or woman.

Oral sex in a wheelchair is pretty simple, just spread your legs wide on both sides of the chair, move your hip to the edge of the seat in a way that your neck would be on the backrest of the chair and you’re your eyes steering at the ceiling.

Once you assume this position, your partner can comfortably explore every part of your genitalia with his mouth, hands, and any sex toy of his choice. This position is also excellent if you like having sex in a wheelchair.

After you’re done with a couple of orals, you can proceed to the bed for the classic old missionary.

The missionary is the best and king of all sex positions for disabled people. As long as you’re in a comfortable position, the missionary can make any wheelchair user cum in minutes.

3. Sideways 69

Ok, enough about sex in a wheelchair, let’s take it to the bedroom. Sideways 69 is all about oral and penetration. It requires both partners to be active if you want the best sex experience.

Sideways 69 are perfect if both partners are disabled.

Sideways 69 is not just one of the best sex positions for people in a wheelchair, people with weak or spastic hips can also use the sideways 69 to have a wonderful sexual experience.

Sideways 69 is simple and better if you have an enormous bed. Roll over to your side and face your partner’s genitals, spread out his/her legs to give you more room for entrance and penetration.

If you don’t feel comfortable with sideway 69, you can turn it into a spooning. Spooning is a sexual stance that is quite similar to the doggy style. The only difference is that both partners are laying down on their side, instead of standing up.

Having sex with a wheelchaie user is somewhat is difficult at first, but it gets better over time with more understanding and patience.

If any of you are having trouble with sex whether, on the wheelchair or the bed, get essential sex equipment like vibrators, a doggie-style strap, sex sling, ramp, or a more comfortable mattress pad.

These materials should enhance the experience of both partners whether they use a wheelchair or not.

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