Top 10 Best Wheelchair Battery In 2021

Power chairs are one of the most popular kinds of wheelchairs in the United States. Every power chair, electric wheelchair, and mobility scooter are powered by two rechargeable 12 Volt batteries located under the chair.

It’s easy to buy or rent an electric wheelchair.

You can easily walk into any store, see a power chair you like, test it out, and purchase it.

But choosing a wheelchair battery is another ball game.

Without batteries, you can’t move around in your power chair or scooter.

The batteries in your wheelchair play a very important role, especially if you use a power chair and want to maintain autonomy.

Your wheelchair battery may very well determine how you live your life.

If the batteries in your electric chair don’t last up to four hours, your movement will be very restricted.

Lucky for you, Lisa and I are big fans of power chairs. We’ve tested and used a long list of batteries and we know which set of batteries work well for power chairs and mobility scooters.

In this article, we’re going to show you the top 10 best batteries for power chairs and other electric wheelchairs.

We’ve tested and used a couple of these batteries ourselves, so we know a great deal about them and how they perform.

We won’t just show you the best batteries to buy for your electric wheelchair.

We will also tell you everything you need to know about buying a set of batteries for your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Every word on this page will help you make the right decision when buying an extra pair of batteries for your electric wheelchair or power chair.

Types Of Wheelchair Battery

First, you need to understand the types of wheelchair batteries available, so that you can make a valid decision on which type of battery is perfect for you.

All-electric wheelchair batteries have rechargeable batteries. There are three major types of wheelchair batteries: Lead-acid batteries, Gel cell batteries, and AGM batteries.

Lead-acid batteries contain a mixture of water and electrolyte which makes them cheaper, lighter, and more durable than other battery types but needs the most maintenance. They are perfect if you are using the wheelchair in the short-term.

Gel cell batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries. These types of batteries are perfect for kids and adults that depend on a mobility vehicle for movement.

AGM batteries use the latest technology to ensure that wheelchair users never get strandedAbsorbed Glass Matt [AGM] batteries are the strongest of all wheelchair battery types, shock-resistant, do not spill or require maintenance, and perfect for long-term use.

Overall Best Battery For Electric Wheelchairs

There are hundreds of wheelchair batteries out there but only a handful of these batteries have proven to be reliable. Here are some of the most reliable batteries for wheelchairs that we know of.

1. Universal Power Group

The Universal Power Group 12 V 35 AH Wheelchair Battery is one of the best batteries for both wheelchair and mobility scooters that we know of. A fully charged battery will last for over 14 hours [23 miles].

Impressive isn’t it. I can say without a doubt that it is the most reliable wheelchair battery that I’ve used. Just in case you don’t believe me, you can check out its outstanding reviews on Amazon.

This 12 V 35 AH Wheelchair Battery is also one of the cheapest wheelchair batteries on the market. You can purchase a pair on Amazon for less than $135.

Every Universal Power Group (35Ah) Wheelchair Battery is made with absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology. This makes these batteries super durable and able to power any wheelchair and other electronic gadgets.

What we like the most about these batteries is the fact that they can fit into most wheelchairs and mobility scooters. If you use a special or custom power chair, be sure to check and confirm if it will fit into your wheelchair battery cage before purchasing it.

2. ExpertPower 12V 9AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery with F2 Terminals

Even though it is as good as the Universal Power Group 12 V 35 AH Wheelchair Battery, it is still one of the best wheelchair batteries under $50 that we’ve used.

The ExpertPower 12V 9AH also stands as ”the most trusted and highest reviewed sealed lead-acid batteries” on Amazon. These batteries can last up to 12 hours [23+ miles] when fully charged.

Despite its affordable price tag, it is still one of the best batteries for mobility scooters and power chairs in 2021.

The 12 V 9AH Wheelchair Batteries by ExpertPower weigh less than most wheelchair batteries. Each pack contains two batteries that weigh about 11 pounds.

This means that you won’t even feel that extra weight when you install these sets of batteries in your power chair.

What we like the most about this set of batteries is its quality. It is one of the most durable batteries we’ve used in our wheelchair. Each battery also comes with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a one-year free replacement warranty.

That more than awesome if you ask me.

ExpertPower also went an extra mile to ensure that every battery is leakproof.

3. Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 – 12 V 35 AH Battery

We’ve been using power chairs and mobility scooters for over 14 years, and one of the most outstanding batteries we’ve used in both our power chairs and scooters.

Mighty Max ML35-12 is a rechargeable wheelchair battery that fits into any wheelchair/scooter and can be mounted in any position. Its compact size allows it to fit into any wheelchair brand or model.

This means that if you can’t find a replacement battery for your wheelchair because it’s from Germany or Japan, you can simply use this battery instead.

You can install it any way you like; on its side, on its back, standing up, or laying down. Just don’t turn it upside down.

What we liked about this battery was the fact that it performed well in both high and low temperatures. It also resists shocks, vibration, and recovers easily from full discharge.

What To Consider Before Buying Wheelchair Batteries

There are a lot of things you need to consider before buying a replacement battery for your wheelchair chair or mobility scooter.

Before you purchase a battery for your wheelchair, you make sure that the battery is safe and meets the minimum standards set by the ADA.

Here are some factors we feel are essential for determining which type of wheelchair battery is perfect for you.

1. Capacity

Amp Hours (Ah) is the most important things you should look out for when purchasing a pair of wheelchair battery. Amp Hour is the amount of energy a battery can hold and determines the travel distance of your power chair or mobility scooter.

When you are buying replacement batteries for your wheelchair, you should go for a pair with higher capacity, higher configuration, and higher performance.

30 AH – 60 AH batteries are ideal for both wheelchairs and scooters. In my experience, batteries within this power scale are more durable.

2. Warranty

If you see a set of batteries with an ideal power capacity, you should also check the warranty of the product before you purchase it.

Do not buy a set of batteries for your wheelchair with less than one year warranty. This way, you can always return it when it doesn’t perform the way you expect and get your money’s worth from any battery you purchase.

3. Longevity

Most wheelchair batteries have an average life span of 16 months. Yet, some sets of batteries still perform better than others.

I try to look at the longevity of my battery before I purchase it. This way, I know how long the battery will last in one full charge and how to use it for optimal performance.

No matter how you try to ignore it, the life-cycle and charge-cycle of every wheelchair matter a lot.

4. Charging Time

An optimized charging time is one of the most exceptional qualities of a good wheelchair battery. The charging time of your battery determines the condition of the battery.

You should get a battery that completes a charge within four and eight hours.

The batteries in an electric wheelchair take between six hours to complete a charge cycle. Some batteries take even longer to charge.

There are two stages of every charge cycle, the first stage provides a spark that gives the battery life and the second stage provides the actual charge.

Batteries that take longer to charge do not have this spark. That’s why most people would advise you to charge your chair overnight.

5. Size

The length and weight of your battery matter a lot. Before you purchase a set of batteries for your wheelchair, you should check to see if it is the right weight and size for your wheelchair.

As long as your battery weighs less than 35 pounds and has a dimension of 378cm2 [18cm X 21 cm] you will be fine and the size should not bother you.

But if the battery weighs over 45 pounds and bigger than 400cm2, you should never buy it because it would always restrict the movement of your mobility vehicle.

You also want to get an AGM or Gel battery that has the right size and can be easily transported by airlines with no special precautions.

Electric Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter batteries are quite similar in size, so this rule applies to both mobility vehicles.

We recommend you compare the batteries you want to buy with the one in your power chair or user manual before you actually make a purchase. This precaution ensures that the battery is the right size and dimension for your mobility vehicle.

6. Type Of Battery

Every electric wheelchair and mobility scooter makes use of two 12 volts batteries that produce 24 Volt power systems that power the wheelchair.

Each type of battery has its advantages and downsides, so there’s no such thing as the “perfect battery for a wheelchair”.

There are three types of wheelchair batteries: Lithium-Ion batteries, Absorbed Glass Matt [AGM] batteries, and Gel batteries.

Both AGM and Gel batteries are Sealed Lead Acid (SLA).

Whichever type of battery you opt for depends on the type of electric wheelchair you use and your budget.

Which Type Of Wheelchair Battery Has Bigger Capacity?

AGM batteries have some of the biggest capacity, which makes them ideal for mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Absorbed Glass Matt are deep cycle batteries that have larger capacities and travel long distances on a single charge.

How Long Do Wheelchair Battery Last?

Most wheelchair batteries contain anything between 30Ah – 90 Ah. This means that these batteries can power the chair continuously for 3 to 12 hours.

How To Change Wheelchair Battery?

Simply use a screwdriver to loosen all the screws around the battery cage, disconnect your old battery from the connecting wires to your wheelchair, remove the old battery and replace it with the new battery, test it out to see if you connected it properly, and close up the chair.

Learning how to change your wheelchair battery is critical if you are buying a replacement battery for your wheelchair.

How Can I Know An Original and Fake Wheelchair Battery?

There’s no foolproof way to identify an authentic or cloned wheelchair battery.

The best way to ensure that you get a genuine replacement battery for your wheelchair is to buy directly from your manufacturer or a trusted eCommerce website like Amazon.

If you are purchasing the battery from a retail shop, use a battery tester to check and measure battery capacity before you purchase it.

How To Maintain Wheelchair Batteries

Truth be told, it’s difficult to maintain the battery in your electric wheelchair. However, there are some measures that you can take to ensure that the batteries in your wheelchair last longer and stay active for up to 2 years.

Here are vital tips you need to know if you want you to want the batteries in your power chair to last longer.

  • Always charge the batteries in your electric wheelchair before you use them. You should charge the battery for ten to twelve hours before you use them.
  • In the first 14 days of battery usage, do not deplete over 70% of your battery life.
  • Charge your batteries overnight or up to 6 hours every day.
  • Use the charger that came with your wheelchair or anyone recommended by the device manufacturer. Using different chargers even if it’s compatible may reduce battery life.
  • You should not deplete over 90% of your wheelchair battery life. Charge your wheelchair once you notice that the battery is running low.
  • Store your wheelchair battery at room temperature.

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