10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

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People with disabilities, especially wheelchair users, often struggle to decide on the best pet to have. Having a companion pet can strengthen your connection with nature and improve your confidence.

In this article, we’ll be showing you some of the best pets and companion animals for wheelchair users.

Best Companion Pets For Disabled

Recently one of the most popular discussions in a disability forum I follow is “which pet is best for wheelchair users?

A handful of wonderful animals are very good at being around people with disabilities, especially wheelchair users. Some of these animals make not just great pets but wonderful companions.

With that said, here are some of the best pets to have as a wheelchair user.

1. Dogs [German Shepherd, Dobermann, Golden Retriever]

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

If you are lucky enough to be wheelchair-bound, you will want the best pet for your family. The choice may seem obvious – why not choose a dog?

There’s no doubt that dogs are wonderful animals and amazing pets. Dogs are the perfect companion pets and service animals. It is the perfect pet if you ask me.

Dogs are super intelligent and do not require as much attention as a cat does. Dogs make excellent wheelchairs pets because they are loyal, obedient, and affectionate.

Some of my disabled friends use their dogs to cope with all the difficulties living in a wheelchair. It’s pretty amazing what some of these animals can do.

They are also brilliant and can perform simple tasks like opening and closing doors and fetching things from high shelves.

There is nothing more heart-warming than a canine companion. Dogs have many wonderful attributes that make them loyal, ever faithful friends to their human companions.

Owning a dog can be furthermore rewarding when you are disabled or depend upon a wheelchair or mobility scooter for mobility.

When considering which dog breed would be the best pet for a person who uses a wheelchair, carefully consider where and how this person lives.

Active dogs, who love being outside and enjoy taking walks, are the best pets for wheelchair users.

The best dog breeds we found for wheelchair users are the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Papillon, Siberian Husky, and the French Bulldog. Additionally, small dogs tend to be easier to handle than larger dogs.

2. Horses [Gypsy Vanner, Friesian, Andalusian]

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

Horses are amazing pets for people with partial or limited mobility. I can certainly tell you that horses are amazing pets for post-injury or post-surgery wheelchair users.

I had a particular interest in horses as a child. I loved them. My grandmother is from Kansas and has an almost magical ability to connect with these elegant creatures.

Lisa also loves horses. I taught her to ride one. Whenever we visit the beach, the first thing she thinks of is getting back into the saddle.

Since mobility and accessibility are limited, big pets, particularly horses, can increase mobility and contribute to a better quality of life.

You get to explore freely and gracefully.

Horses have been an integral part of human life for thousands of years. Whether you want to go riding, plowing your fields, or traveling by carriages, they are the perfect solution.

If you’ve ever thought about getting a horse but are worried you wouldn’t be able to ride it in your wheelchair, your worries are over.

Horses are not usually recommended pets for wheelchair users, they still make great pets. Although they are larger than other possible pets and require more space and care, they are well-suited to use.

Have you ever considered getting a pet horse or pony if you use a wheelchair? There are plenty of breeds that make great pets for wheelchair users. Friesians, Thoroughbred, and Arabian horses are some of the most recommended breeds for wheelchair users.

3. Cats [Abyssinian, Burmese, Ragdoll]

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

There is nothing in life that makes us happier than a pet cat. Cats are cozy, funny, adorable, and beautiful. They are the perfect pet for depressed wheelchair users.

Having a cat as a companion pet is a smart option because it can provide emotional support while allowing you to regain your independence in a way that no other pet can offer.

Pet cats can be fun companions.

For wheelchair users, cats are the ideal choice for pets. Cats can stay indoors, use litter pans to do their business, and can even help you get rid of rats. Cool right?

Cats also do not need a huge space or special accommodation like horses, making them easier to take care of. It is no doubt that cats are one of the best pets for disabled people.

Cats are beings of solitary nature. It is often said that they see their human as a kind of partner or another cat. That’s why cats are often independent and reserved in communication with the outside world.

If you are a wheelchair user seeking a pet cat, you will be happy to know that most felines are compatible with and suitable for physically challenged pet owners.

Whether your disability is minor or permanent, there are a range of felines that can make excellent companions if you want to live with a cat.

Here are some of the most recommended cat breeds for the disabled:

  • Abyssinian
  • Devon Rex
  • Siamese
  • Birman
  • American Shorthair
  • Ragdoll
  • Bengal
  • Persian
  • Maine Coon

If you have an unusual hobby or work from home as a wheelchair user, it is better to own a cat than a dog who will run with you or at least will want to go for a walk with you every day.

4. Birds [Cockatiel, Parrots, Budgerigar]

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

Cockatiel, Parrots, Budgerigar are some of the most popular pets for wheelchair users who are good at handling animals with beaks or talons.

They are beautiful, elegant, and some of them can talk 😊

If you’re looking for the best pet for wheelchair users, a blue-crested cockatiel is something that you should consider. They are one of the few pets that don’t bite guests.

Cockatiels are easy to maintain and can be kept alone or in pairs as long as you provide them with a large enough cage to feel free. They are also considered one of the most loyal birds and can live anywhere from 10 – 15 years.

Cockatiels are small in size, usually about 9 – 13 inches long, so they can easily fit into a small cage or a small section of your bookshelf.

Cockatiels are amazing pets. They like spending time with their owners, so they can often be found on the shoulder or side of their owners watching TV or reading a book.

Parrots are also amazing pets and call for serious attention, but they don’t eat a lot but require serious and constant attention to remain active.

Moreover, parrots can be taught to talk and can be remarkably intelligent and affectionate. It could be a great companion for wheelchair users.

If you use a wheelchair, the bond between man and bird can affects your life in many ways. You may find yourself in situations where you need a companion that’s small enough to travel with you but not too expensive to purchase. A parrot is just the right bird for the job.

Birds like Cockatiel, Parrots, Budgerigar are no doubt one of the best pets for disabled people.

5. Miniature Pigs

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

Are you looking for a perfect pet for you or a disabled loved one? A pet that’s not only easy to care for but is also highly loving and just so darn cute. If yes, then look no further because a miniature pig is what you need.

What is the best pet for wheelchair users, you ask? Is it a dog, cat, or maybe even a mini pig? There are many choices, but the best pet for wheelchair users is perhaps a miniature pig.

Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. Miniature pigs are often called mini pigs, potbelly pigs, toy pigs, or teacup pigs; describe the adorable names; they make great companion pets.

They are the most adorable pets on this list.

Miniature pigs can prove to be great companions to people with certain disabilities. These cute, hairy pets are not only adorable and friendly, but they are also intelligent and well-behaved as they share a lot of characteristics with dogs.

If you are thinking of getting a miniature pig to be your emotional support animal, I guarantee that it will bring plenty of smiles into your life.

6. Lizards [Iguana, Chameleon, Bearded Dragon]

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

A pet lizard is a fun choice for any wheelchair user. Lizards are vigorous small animals that love long cuddles and make interesting housemates.

Fortunately, lizards do not require constant time and attention. They are one of the very best pets for kids that rely on a wheelchair for mobility. They love being petted and enjoy warm hugs on cold days.

Looking for a pet that is low-maintenance and low-cost? How about an Iguana?

A pet iguana can be a great choice for a wheelchair user, especially if you’re looking for a pet that lives long and is almost impervious to diseases. Iguanas are amazing creatures and great pets because they are very easy to maintain and handle compared to most pets.

If you like Godzilla, then you’d love a pet Iguana.

Many animals can live happily in a wheelchair-accessible home, but one of the best pets for people living with disabilities is a gecko. Gecko can adapt to any environment. This courtesy also extends to people.

Regardless of your disability, a gecko can be an excellent pet. Geckos are one of many pets that are suitable for wheelchair users. Geckos are found all over the world, on every continent except for Antarctica. They are also very intelligent.

Although they can’t help you with simple chores, they still make great companions. Breeds like the Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, and Gargoyle Gecko are super intelligent pets that can adapt and learn to leave with owners with a disability.

7. Fishes [Catfish, Betta fish, Goldfish]

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

Fishes are the perfect pet for wheelchair users, as they are easy to care for, friendly towards people. They’re relatively small, don’t need much space, and can also spice up the decor of your home or bedroom.

Some fish are called “good for wheelchair users” because of their elegant colors and interactive mood.

One of the best fish species that makes a great pet even for disabled owners is the Betta fish. Despite their shy nature, Betta fish still are still amazing pets.

The cool thing about Betta fish is that you don’t need a fancy aquarium to take care of them. You can thrive in a community tank, a small fishbowl, and even small cups and bottles to house your pet Betta fish.

A Betta fish is an awesome pet for someone who has a disability and uses a wheelchair. These breeds can make any moment cheerful through their exquisite beauty and color.

Other amazing fishes that can make great pets for wheelchair users are Plecostomus, Discus, Swordtail, Pearl Gourami, Zebra Danios, and Neon Tetras.

Fish are soft, peaceful, and can be beautiful companions. Some wheelchair users even use them as therapy animals! But they have their challenges and limitations.

Betta fish need to be cared for properly and are not recommended to people with aquarium experience.

Fish require a lot of care and attention to stay alive and healthy, so it is hard to know what they are trying to say unless you tend to them frequently.

8. Small Mammals [Rabbits, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Hedgehog, Ferret, & Kit Foxes]

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

We couldn’t pick one, so we listed them all. Small mammals and exotic pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, ferrets, and kit foxes can provide hours of entertainment as well as companionship for their owner.

Wheelchair users can benefit from having a small mammal as their pet. The use of a wheelchair may seem like an obstacle to keeping a tiny pet as a companion. But once you get past that feeling, you’ll see that there are lots of small animals that you can have as a pet.

Rabbits are great pets for people living in wheelchairs – whether you have recently lost the use of your legs or have had them tucked away behind wheels for years.

That’s right; I said rabbits! Rabbits are one of the best animals you can have in your life, even though many folks believe otherwise. Rabbit and bunnies are likable creatures that enjoy being cuddled.

Speaking of likable rodents, Guinea Pigs are the best! The cool thing about guinea pigs is that they socialize well with other guinea pigs. Another great thing about them is they live for around 9-10 years, which means you’ll always have a friend at home.

I’ve owned a pet ferret for a little over a year now, and they have quickly become one of my favorite pets.

Ferrets are animals from the weasel family. They are often kept as pets because of their energetic and playful personalities and availability in various fun colors, such as chocolate, white, black masks, & beautiful leucistic coats.

Ferrets can be ideal pets for people who use wheelchairs. Their small size and playful personalities make them a reliable source of amusement and unconditional love.

9. Turtles

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

Turtles also stand as one of the best pets for wheelchair users. Turtles should be an obvious choice for wheelchair users who need a pet that will not take a lot of attention.

Turtles are unique creatures; one you may find fascinating. They have been around since before the dinosaurs, with fossils dating back 250 million years!

Turtles make good pets for wheelchair users because of their easy-going and quiet nature. They like to go around and don’t want to be bothered with. Their gentle and patient character makes them one of the most iconic poets.

Turtles can also live up to 60 years; that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Turtles make for gentle, peaceful pets who will be respectful of your time. They make an awesome pet for busy people since they won’t become any more active than you want or need them to.

10. Snakes [Ball Python, Corn Snake, Rosy Boa]

10 Animals That Makes Great Pets For Wheelchair Users & Disabled

Snakes are a commonly misunderstood pet type. If you have a disability or mobility impairment, the thought of owning one is very intimidating. But fear not, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about snakes and how owning one can be incredibly rewarding for you and your snake.

Snakes are amazing creatures. Unfortunately, they do not make great pets for wheelchair users. It’s hard to take good care of a snake if you use a wheelchair.

But if you are good with animals, I bet a pet snake would be an awesome pet.

However, they do require a little more work to maintain than some of the other animals people have as pets. Their medical needs can be tough, and it is a lot for many to handle in their home.

Snakes do have the advantage of being more independent than most animals which many people appreciate.

Despite their muscular build and fearsome reputation, snakes are fragile creatures. If you decide to go for a pet snake as a wheelchair user, make sure it is always in its enclosure rather than roaming around the house, so you won’t accidentally kill it.

This article contained a complete list of the best pet for wheelchair users. It was in-depth, right?

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