How Much Does Wheelchair Transportation Cost

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A wheelchair transportation cost is a fee for transporting their wheelchair from point A to point B.

Wheelchair transportation can be costly depending on what type of chair you use and how far you need to travel. The average cost of wheelchair transportation is around $50-$400 per trip but can vary depending on your needs.

Most companies with a wheelchair-accessible van charge around $120 for their service.

For example, if you only travel a short distance to a grocery store, this will be less expensive than traveling across town to work every day.

Wheelchair transportation rates are determined by the weight of the individual’s equipment, the distance of travel, and other factors. Specialized moving companies usually transport wheelchairs or move them in a vehicle with a hitch-mounted carrier.

Other costs associated with wheelchair transportation may include insurance, crating, gas mileage, and tolls. These costs will vary based on state regulations and the size of the city or town you live in.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Person In A Wheelchair

If you or a loved one require wheelchair transport services, finding the best service for your needs can be challenging. Wheelchairs can be transported in various ways depending on what you need.

However, from experience, we know that most wheelchair transport services charge about $80 for a one-way trip and about 25% extra for an extended distance mileage fee.

How Much Does Wheelchair Transport Cost On Uber?

Wheelchair transport can cost up to $70 an hour on Uber.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are in high demand and far below supply, so availability is limited, and drivers are often booked for hours in advance. Due to supply and demand, Uber drivers charge more to pick up passengers with wheelchairs but charge less than other wheelchair-accessible taxis.

How Much Does Wheelchair Transport Cost On Pace?

The Pace is a public transit agency that provides busing, vanpooling, and paratransit services. If you need wheelchair transport, it usually costs less than $10 on Pace. Thanks to Pace ADA Paratransit, wheelchair users can get an affordable and super comfortable ride no matter their destination.

How Much Does Wheelchair Transport Cost On Lyft?

Lyft is an on-demand transportation company that provides and competes with taxi services. Lyft has a minimum fare of $5 and charges anywhere from $0.85–$1.30 per mile, depending on the city. If you choose to travel with Lyft, you can use their fare calculator to check the estimated cost of your trip before ordering a ride.

Getting A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle For Transportation

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the United States. According to a study by Cornell University, most transport and ride-share companies, including Lyft and Uber, have wheelchair-accessible vehicles available in over half of the major metropolitan areas in the country.

If you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV) to travel or transport yourself and a wheelchair, you can use the WAV or Paratransit feature to get a comfortable ride in your wheelchair.

Alternatively, you can rent a wheelchair-accessible van. A wheelchair-accessible van is a vehicle that has been modified so it can accommodate a wheelchair. This allows the person in the wheelchair to roll into the van without transferring out of their chair, eliminating the need for sliding across a bench seat or lifting themselves into a seat from a sitting position on the ground.

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